Exploring the Relevant Acts of Wake From the Perspective of Grief Counseling


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Palabras clave:

grief counseling, funeral service, the act of wake, the effectiveness of grief-counseling, the rupture of relationship or emotion


This article exploring the relevant acts of wake from grief counseling is discussed in order to understand what is the effectiveness of wake on grief counseling currently. Generally speaking, there will always be wake during the funeral services. For morticians who provide services, they will also emphasize the gri ef-counseling effect of these actions. The emphasis is just only emphasis, they don’t have a deep understanding of the grief-counseling utility of these actions. The present service emphasizes on professional knowledge, therefore, we believe that it is nec essary to understand deeper the grief-counseling utility of these actions, so in particular, this article is the subject of discussion.

How to discuss this topic? Learn from this article, we can start from the reason for setting the theme, and find a suitable method as such. Moreover, we use the literature related to the wake as basis, and understand the existing views through in-depth interviews. After excavating and discussing the problem, we try to find out the possible solutions. As a result of this discussion, we find that the related act of wake does have grief-counseling effect. We must further reflect on the interpretation and operation of this effect, but not just from the perspective of diverting attention, otherwise it will be difficult for these actions to have a real grief-counseling effect. Therefore, we finally find that the best way to completely resolve the grief of the living, is to start by addressing the rupture of relationship or emotion that death creates.







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