The Innovation of Funeral Management

Taking C Company for Example


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Palabras clave:

funeral, management, innovation, service, social responsibility


The reason for setting this article ―the innovation of funeral management—taking C company for example‖ is mainly that funeral companies should be competitive in operation, not just in accordance with the existing company's operating methods, but must make a breakthrough. Since the number of the death is limited every year, and the number of funeral companies is growing too fast. If they want to survive better and be more competitive, the funeral companies must focus on innovation. Only in this way they can achieve the goal of sustainable operation. Therefore, in order to understand how the funeral company innovates in operation, we take this article as the subject of discussion. In order to achieve this goal, we start with the reason why funeral companies need innovate. Through the case study approach, we can deeply understand the innovative operation of funeral companies and relevant evaluation mechanism. By this discussion, we can understand the innovation as effectiveness of the funeral company's operation. Through this discussion, we find that the funeral companies are indeed not easy to operate. It is mainly affected by the limited number of the death, the establishment of too many funeral companies, and the insufficient scale of the company. If funeral companies want to make a breakthrough in business, they must make a breakthrough through innovation. The problem is that it is easier said than done to innovate, either by imitating the innovation of other companies or by innovating alone. However, in any case, the innovation mechanism and evaluating effectiveness are the key.








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