A Preliminary Study of the Operating Mode of Craniosacral Mechanics Therapy Combined with Energy Medicine


  • UNIP Journals
  • Lien-Chun Huang Universidad del Pacífico
  • Ming-Yi Liu Universidad del Pacífico
  • Hsueh-Feng Wu Universidad del Pacífico
  • Ching-Ruey Luo Universidad del Pacífico

Palabras clave:

craniosacral mechanics manipulative treatment, energy medicine, traditional conditioning, American chiropractic, manipulative massage, aromatherapy


With the advancement of science, medical treatments of humans have continued to innovate and develop, including the meridians and acupuncture, aromatherapy, spiritual therapy, and qigong therapy of Chinese medicine. Various energy medicine therapies are scientifically proven, and the general public can gradually accept multiple treatment methods. Many countries in Europe and North America have officially incorporated them into formal medical systems. The most common traditional therapeutics include American chiropractic, manipulative massage, cupping, and other medical therapies. Craniosacral mechanics therapeutic manipulation, developed by Professor Zheng Zhilong after more than 20 years of clinical research, is currently a radical treatment in the industry, which can deal with not only soreness, numbness, and pain but also various internal and surgical diseases. Each therapy has its pros and cons. As for consumers, to have them satisfied, highly effective treatment is indispensable. Therefore, practitioners should ponder how to meet the needs of consumers with the best fit treatment. This study focuses on two fields of study, craniosacral biodynamic therapy, and energy medicine, to explore the operational model of the two working together.








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