The Promotion and Innovation of Modern Music Education Culture


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Palabras clave:

modern music, art, education and culture, promotion, innovation, high-tech, scientific industry, AI music therapy


Taiwan is currently vigorously promoting and innovating the art and cultural education of music therapy. The professionally established AI music classrooms create a music education and teaching space with high-quality teaching equipment and excellent teachers with flagship specifications, and cooperate with international standards to provide classical instruments and music. The promotion and popularity of popular instruments, music theory, music healing and AI courses, music education, etc. cannot stop for a moment. Facing the advent of the post-epidemic generation of cultural science, how to integrate Western, international and metaverse cultures into Taiwan's AI music education with high-tech and to create AI music economy industry will not be able to wait on developing nationality and aboriginal people. Symphony and other cultures plus the high-tech science of Taiwanese culture, music, education, and art are extraordinary. From art and music education to a solid foundation, the residents of the country must have a sense of beauty after the economy prosperous, so that the rise of Buddhist and Taoist music in the church and Taiwan and the AI music therapy creative industry can be widely and creatively in the future. In the modern post-epidemic era, AI high-tech science will be fully integrated; making music and art education fully integrated with high-tech, it all depends on the promotion, innovation and popularization of AI music therapy art and literature education.








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