On the Root Cause of Diseases and the Analysis of Personal Physique with the Way of Health Maintenance


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  • Ching-Ruey Luo
  • David C.H. Liang

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Canon Medicine, YELLOW EMPEROR'S INTERNAL CANON, BOOK of CHANGES, the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Five Elements and Six Qi, Meteorological Medicine


In the age of poverty, people generally only wanted food and clothing, but they had little time or thought to focus on reducing the infection of diseases, let alone pursuing physical maintenance. In today's high-tech era, the pace of life is tight, noise, air pollution,  rapid changes in climate, and drastic changes in environmental factors make human beings helpless to the rapid changes in the environment. In this article, we do not emphasize medication, but we are very concerned about each person's innate physique analysis and acquired constitution test. Based on Avicenn (or Ibn Sina, 980-1037)'s Canon Medicine provides the basic body constitution and causes of disease guidance, “YELLOW EMPEROR'S INTERNAL CANON" and "BOOK of CHANGES" Meteorological Medicine Concept, as long as your date of birth is based on the concept of meteorological medicine based on "Five Elements and Six Qi", and the changes in the number of hexagrams of the heavenly stems and earthly branches and the five elements are added to illustrate the characteristics and concepts of the individual body at different stages, you can analyze your congenital nature. The strength of the physique. Of course, in conjunction with the questionnaire analysis of the acquired celestial constitution, through the cross-comparison of the analysis results of the congenital constitution and the acquired celestial constitution, we can clearly grasp the weak organs of the body. There will be cases in the article to show the basis of the analysis, the steps of the analysis, the results and explanations in order to let readers clearly understand the key to the application.








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